What We Do

The internet is overburdened with providers offering VPN service, however most cannot be trusted. What is the point of encrypting online activity from your ISP or tracked by other websites, only to be logged by another VPN? Why do they collect your data? And what do they do with it?

PRVINT protects what matters most, you and your business online. We specialize in discrete, professional, client privacy (no logs or collection of user data) from work, home, traveling stateside or abroad. We have you covered. Period.

Our servers are located in Virginia and Washington DC and optimized for customers who live in the DC metropolitan area. That includes parts of Maryland. If you reside in this area, our bandwidth speed is incredibly fast, with no loss to your ISP bandwidth. We’re not interested in supplying servers in every state, we live in Virginia and run our own severs. That’s how we have total control, unlike most VPN’s.

PRVINT provides many additional services, including online security consulting to help individuals, small companies and corporations set-up and maintain a safe digital footprint across the web. Please see our Services below for more information.

We Rule with an Iron Fist

Robust VPN service starts with the very best servers, facility and a talented team to manage them.

Our entire server fleet is collocated at tier III facilities in both Virginia and Washington DC. They feature 36″ raised-floor cooling, N+1 UPS and cooling, diesel generators, hot and cold-aisle distribution, biometric security, the works.

Each server is connected via CAT6 to multiple providers, including: Global Crossing, Level(3), Abovenet, Comcast, and Hurricane Electric. The line is route-optimized to maximize efficiency. GigE everywhere.

No nonsense, magic fairy dust or complications. Simple, stable and secure kernel-based virtual machines. KVM is an incredibly reliable virtualization platform for our products. Our host nodes run on Intel Xeon processors (Sandy Bridge), Samsung SSD’s (RAID 10) and Supermicro chassis.nServer-grade everywhere. We’re not here to play games.


PRVINT offers a variety of products to maintain the safest online presence in the industry, throughout a global marketplace for snoopers, sniffers and trackers. PRVINT VPN (Virtual Private Network) is available in IPSec VPN, OpenVPN and SSTP protocols for all computing devices, desktop and mobile READ MORE.